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Small Gold Pyramid Crystal Necklace


gold pyramid necklace
duo pyramid necklaces

Small Gold Pyramid Crystal Necklace


This powerful necklace is our Gift Of The Month for March 2017 as a limited edition.

I hand carved this necklace to look like a natural earth-mined crystal that has a double pyramid shape. Each pointed end is called a termination and since this one has a point at each end it is called a “double terminated” silver crystal. A crystal that has two termination points brings energy in as well as sending it out from each end making it very powerful.

My inspiration for this is very personal. I created this solid 14k gold pyramid as a way to process my emotions, to help channel my energy and bring me stability, strength and peace. Our country is going through a difficult time and the best way I know to help is to create tiny sculptures that work as talismans to help keep us grounded. Regardless of where you stand, I created this necklace with the intention of bringing you peace and strength.

This necklace is handcrafted in NYC. The length of the crystal is 7/8″ and I hand carved the original piece in wax using traditional metalsmithing techniques. Then it’s cast into recycled 14k gold and given a high polish so it has a gorgeous glow. It comes on a 17″ solid 14k gold link chain so it sits over your chest.

Click here for the small pyramid necklace in sterling silver:

Click here for the large pyramid necklace in sterling silver:

Available through March 31st exclusively here through my website.


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gold pyramid necklace

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